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Mineralization Rod

The mineralization rod optimizes Kjeldahl analysis for Nitrogen determination in liquid samples with low nitrogen content requiring the digestion step.


Optimize your Kjeldahl analysis and always obtain accurate results

The mineralization rod optimizes Kjeldahl analysis for Nitrogen determination in some liquid samples with low nitrogen content and is especially suggested for the following applications:

  • TKN determination in water and wastewater
  • Nitrogen/Protein determination in beer
  • Nitrogen/Protein determination in beverages

For low nitrogen content samples, such as water and beverages, the analysis requires a high sample volume. Due to the sample quantity, foam formation and violent bumping may occur during the digestion, causing acid splash on the test tube wall. These events can lead to sample loss with consequent inaccurate results, underestimating the nitrogen content.

The use of the mineralization rod will help avoid this issue.

The mineralization rod has to be simply added to the test tube with the sample and chemicals before starting the digestion. Then it remains in the test tube until the end of the whole Kjeldahl analysis (distillation step included).

The main advantages using this accessory are as follows:

  • Foam reduction
  • Violent bump and acid splashes minimization
  • Better heat distribution in the whole sample
  • Digestion time reduction up to 75%
  • Sample, reagents, and energy saving
  • Possibility to use the “Empty test tube” function on the UDK Distillation Units (not possible with boiling stones/chips)

VELP mineralization rod is made of glass and can be used approximately 8-10 times. It is not suitable for Microkjeldahl analyses.


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Mineralization Rod, pack. 10 pcs

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Модель: Mineralization Rod, pack. 10 pcs

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